SkyMax Preflight Zone
SkyMax Preflight Zone
What are the pluses of the STAR frame?
Maintain your SkyMax Paramotor on time.
There are many paramotor units with attractive characteristics... What to choose? We will help and tell you about the Star frame, which is suitable for pilots of different levels. Here are 5 advantages of Star frame.

1. Lightweight durable frame.

The Star frame is one of the lightest among the designs - 4.9 kg without a tank, 5.4 kg with a tank. For its manufacture, aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium are used, the most durable materials possible.

2. Easy to replace.

In the modular design from which the Star is assembled, it is easy to replace a breakdown. Nothing needs to be specially welded.

3. Large volume fuel tank.

A 15 liter fuel tank is supplied as a kit with a unit. One of its features is “softness”, it is transported folded and does not take up much space.

4. Color variations.

4 colors of protective nets, 4 colors of metal parts are selected for the unit. And, of course, you can combine everything together. Our customers in the USA enjoy a similar advantage.

5. The diameter of the frame according to your preferences.

There are different sizes of frames for different propellers.

If we have a propeller up to 130 mm, then a frame with a diameter of 1420 mm is optimal.
If the propeller is up to 140 mm, then – 1520 mm.

We need such a frame diameter so that there is protection against winding lines on the propeller. And a larger propeller diameter gives more thrust, or more economical operation of the engine at the same level of thrust.

At the same time, the frame base itself - the Star figure does not change. Change: base, beams, fence segments.
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Since 2012, SkyMax Paramotors has been manufacting paramotor equipment, its further testing and maintenance, testing new technologies of using engines, materials and frame structures. We have accumulated a vast experience in this area. Today we work closely with many clubs, firms and companies, we are always ready to share our experience and professional skills.

George Shchur, CEO, SkyMax Paramotors