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Pulsar travel suitcase
Fly easily by plane to your remote spots with your SkyMax paramotor suitcase checked in!
The main problem of traveling for a paramotorist is that it is inconvenient to transport the unit by plane. It is too bulky, heavy, and sometimes even beyond the allowable weight.

We at SkyMax travel a lot around the world, thanks to a network of dealers in different countries and an official partnership with Vittorazi. And therefore, we know from personal experience what happens to expensive units at airports if you carry it in a soft backpack.

For example, thanks to the “reliable hands” of loaders, holes and scuffs easily appear on the cover, the deflector can even be damaged – this makes you nervous and worry about safety throughout the flight.

We got tired of it and at a certain stage we made a decision: we are developing a special suitcase for the Pulsar unit for professional pilots. Louis Vuitton started by making suitcases for the wife of Napoleon III, and we make suitcases for experienced paramotor pilots around the world!
ATTENTION: suitcases are made only for SkyMax Pulsar. Many pilots ask if it can be used with the Star unit. Our answer: NO, Star won't fit in there, it's 12 cm taller and 15 cm wider than Pulsar. There will be a clear excess of luggage.

In addition to the fact that the Pulsar can be transported by plane in principle, unlike many other paramotors, the most important advantage is that the suitcase protects the equipment, everything is clearly fixed inside, the motor does not fall off anywhere. Even if they drop it from a height of 1 meter or jump on it (but what if…), nothing will happen to your paramotor. The plastic of the suitcase is hard, durable, and can withstand physical damage.

If you're a proud Pulsar owner but by some chance don't have a suitcase yet, get in touch with SkyMax Paramotors. Also you can read more about our Pulsar unit, it’s really worth it:

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Since 2012, SkyMax Paramotors has been manufacting paramotor equipment, its further testing and maintenance, testing new technologies of using engines, materials and frame structures. We have accumulated a vast experience in this area. Today we work closely with many clubs, firms and companies, we are always ready to share our experience and professional skills.

George Shchur, CEO, SkyMax Paramotors