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How should I store the fuel mixture?
Maintain your SkyMax Paramotor on time.
Pilots regularly ask us this question, even made a video about it - wait for the release. For now, read the post. The recommendations below are based on experience with fuel blends at SkyMax.

1. It is advisable to use the fuel mixture during the first 2 weeks.

The thing is that light fractions of gasoline evaporate, which is why the quality of the mixture decreases over time. Of course, you can store the mixture for up to a month - this is not a crime. You can even use it six months later ... But an understandable question arises: would you pour an incomprehensible liquid into an expensive Ferrari sports car, taken from who knows where, in order to save money? Probably not.

2. Where and how to store fuel?

Store fuel in a metal or plastic canister. Or if we are talking about the Star frame, then you can store it even in the fuel tank of the paramotor. There is no smell on it, thanks to the soft fuel tank, unlike white hard tanks, where the pressure relief valve can smell strongly of fuel, because gasoline vapor passes through it.

3. DO NOT use fuel with paramotor additives.

Additives (fuel with the prefixes power, plus, delta, ultra, etc.) kill your engine, because such fuel is designed for car engines, four-stroke. And if you already use such fuel, then it is better NOT to store it at all. After a month of sludge, fuel with additives behaves even worse than a regular mixture, it becomes much more dangerous for the engine.

4. How to properly dispose of the fuel mixture?

Sometimes there are problems with the disposal of the mixture. It can be disposed of as fuel for less demanding units, such as a chainsaw or a heater. If there is absolutely nowhere to go, give it to a car repair shop, they will come in handy for wiping parts, they will even thank you. It is not necessary to pour the mixture onto the ground or into the water.
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George Shchur, CEO, SkyMax Paramotors