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We are just nuts about creating new stunning models and comfort accessories for our pilots!
SkyMax PPG Training
Our PPG technical specialists, coaches and training schools.
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Flight school «Paradigm», UK.
The school has already released more than 130 people into the sky. Groups are recruited in different cities and the school itself comes to its students.
Backpack Airsports PPG School, Australia
Backpack Airsports provides flight training for PPG from our training facility in Sedan, South Australia. We provide theory classes, ground handling training, training hill flights, tow flights, and our Level 1 & Level 2 flight training courses.
Wisconsin Flight Sports, LLC
It's our goal to provide a safe, affordable, fun, and accessible training program to individuals interested in entering PPG.
SkyMax Pilots' Reviews
Paramotor assembling, maintenance, fixing, pilots' reviews, see more
Skymax Pulsar Review - Atom 80
Mark Huneycutt's review on unique system of Pulsar ATOM 80 with hidden
soft tank and special features of the frame and harness
SkyMax Star+Sky Engines BOXER 220 review
A long awaited review of SkyMax Star with BOXER 220
by Evgeniy Stolyarov
What will happen if you add an atom + 90kg pilot + viper 4 16?
Right, you can fly very well, because the atom has enough thrust even for such a heavy pilot and such a small wing.
SKYMAX Powered Paramotor w/ RETRACTA trike! Best PPG trike combo
Watch this review of SkyMax paramotor and the Retracta Trike.
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