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Why is paramotor unit weight important?
Figure out the weight before takeoff
As paramotor pilots, let’s get inspired by an example from large aircraft.

Composite materials based on carbon fiber have revolutionized the aircraft industry. At the same time, in the 80s of the XX century, their share in Boeing and Airbus aircraft was only 5-6% of the total weight, but now it is more than 50%. The giants of the aircraft industry appreciated the possibilities of new materials.

And now let's get back to small paramotor aviation. In our market, most manufacturers for some reason do not pay any attention to such an important parameter as PARAMOTOR WEIGHT. Moreover, one can see that it is deliberately relegated to the background so that the pilots also do not pay attention to it.

And this is wrong. The weight of the unit is critical. Why?

If we take a pilot with normal height and physical condition, then with a 25 kg unit, he can make a large number of attempts to start.

How is the start? We laid out the wing, put on the unit, gasped, and tried to start. Physical activity, like running with a six-year-old child sitting on your shoulders. Not much tired after 1-2-3 attempts. Experienced pilots start with one, maximum two attempts. Beginners often need more attempts, because it is important to start correctly and safely.

What happens if you add 5 kg? Weight 30 kg, everything is the same, but the number of attempts without fatigue and clogged muscles decreases. Conventionally, instead of 5-6 they become 3-4.

Let's add another 5 kg, the take-off weight of the unit is 35 kg. Muscles clog quickly, after 1-2 attempts. On the third day, you are very tired, you can make the wrong decision about takeoff, especially if the weather is calm and you need to run hard to take off. There is a great risk with such a weight to make an erroneous decision, to flop into the harness due to a sagging wing and to catch the frame on the ground.

We continue to increase the weight, now 40 kg. Now you get tired on the second or even on the first try and you can easily break a fence or a screw, fall, make a mistake with the start, especially if the weather is hot.

Summary: the easier the paramotor unit, the more strength we have left to assess the situation. With a setup of just 25kg, we have enough energy left to hop into the harness, make sure the paraglider is clearly overhead, that there are no tie-downs, in a word, make the right decision to take off. With an increase in the weight of the unit to 35 kg or more, we begin to make mistakes and with a high probability we will break, get injured, etc.

Previously, all manufacturers made huge frames with guards, because it was believed that this could protect the pilot. But those days are far in the past. The trend of the modern world is minimalism, it is also typical for paramotors. We make our units easier and easier, thanks to which pilots stop making mistakes, and the risks themselves become minimal.

Therefore, in SkyMax Paramotors, weight is considered the most important parameter. It is customary for us that it is not the big brother who is watching us, but we are looking and equating ourselves with the big brother, the BIG aviation. And if 5-6% turn the market upside down so much, then we jump above our heads and make paramotor easier by tens of percent. And at the same time, we are looking for a golden mean between the strength of the structure and its weight.

So, our Star unit weighs 5.4 kg – this is the lightest frame in its class, it is 30-35% lighter than its counterparts. We have achieved this thanks to unique plate constructions and a soft tank, which is the lightest paramotor tank in the world (450 g), it is 60% lighter than hard tanks.

And we can proudly announce the Pulsar frame as the main innovation of our company. This frame weighs 3.5 kg, is 40% lighter than the Star, and is made of titanium for amazing strength. We regularly receive positive feedback about this frame from around the world. The Pulsar's tank is even lighter than the Star's, as is the harness. The total weight of the unit with the motor is 21 kg.

And if we managed to convince you that the weight of a paramotor unit is really important, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the Star and Pulsar frames on our website:

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George Shchur, CEO, SkyMax Paramotors