Become a dealer of SkyMax

SkyMax Paramotors products have been presented in many countries of the world (USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East, etc.) for many years. We are constantly expanding and looking for new partners interested in the mutually beneficial development of SkyMax paramotor brand. If you are interested in becoming our partner, please take a look at what we have to offer.

We offer dealerships for the full range of SkyMax Paramotors products, including:

  • Star and Pulsar ultralight and rigid frames. Presentations and detailed descriptions can be downloaded below;

  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable paramotors built on their basis (with Vittorazi, EOS, Polini and any other engine; detailed descriptions can be found on this site);

  • Unique soft fuel tank 15/18l (photo attached with detailed descriptions can be found on this site).

  • We also offer a full range of PPG products, exclude wings: stainless steel frames, engines, propellers, harnesses, throttles, accessories, parts and service.

Our conditions:

1 Price list in US dollars or Euros, fixed for a year, within 5% of the change in the euro/US dollar cross-rate; Your discount as a dealer is determined as a result of negotiations and depends on the number of products sold in the current year.
2 The territory of the dealer's work is negotiated in advance;
3 Dealer must follow our public price list, no pricing below admitted.
4 Shipment within 2-4 weeks after payment;
5 We provide 1 year warranty for all our products;
6 We provide fast and friendly service;
7 The quality of our products is comparable or superior (in some respects) to the products of leading PPG brands at a lower price (middle segment).
How to start working with us?
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