SkyMax STAR + ATOM 80

We recommend this combination for any kind of PPG except slalom. It is perfect for light-weighted pilots up to 80 kg with qualitative 20-24 m gliders.

Vittorazi’s ATOM 80 is light-weighted reliable and safe engine. It weights only 10,5 kg and the whole SkyMax Star+ Atom paramotor weights only 19 kg!!!. It feels like a backpack behind your back when you put it on!!!

With only 78 cc volume this engine still has 55 kg of thrust with 130 cm propeller (52 kg with 125 cm propeller). Atom is quiet because of the low vibration and has low fuel consumption which is important for cross-country flights.

Together with the light, strong and rigid Star by SkyMax – they are a perfect match for begginners, cross-country pilots and those who prefer relaxed and simple flight.

By default the Star+ATOM kit includes Skymax Star frame, SkyMax soft fuel tank for 15l, ATOM engine, propeller Helix 1,25 or 1,30, Vittorazi full throttle, harness SkyMax.

Some technical details:

Manufacturer: SkyMax Paramotors

Paramotor weight total: 19 kg

Frame weight (net weight): 4,7 kg

Harness weight: 2 kg (included in paramotor total weight)

Frame diameter: 1420 mm / 1520 mm

Material (Frame, railing, bars, beams): Air-craft grade aluminium, titanuim

Soft fuel tank weight and volume: 450 gr (15 l)

Propeller: Helix/E-props/SkyMax

V-Throttle: Vittorazi

Carabiners: Sup’Air

ATOM Engine technical specifications:

Cycle: Two-stroke

Volume: 78.2cc

Power: 16 HP at 9500 rpm

Fuel consumption: 2.7 l/h at 30 kg static thrust and 130 cm propeller at 7200 rpm

Weight: 10.4 kg (Manual version)

Maximum thrust: 52 kg with 125 cm propeller at 9650 rpm / 55 kg with 130 cm propeller at 9600 rpm

Acceptable plane luggage: yes (dimensions and weight with paramotor up to 32 kg allow it to be checked in as usual baggage on an airplane)



Download presentation:

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Pilots can choose the following parameters for themselves:

  • Seat belt size. Standard or XL
  • Hoop size - 1420 or 1520 mm
  • Frame color
  • Hoop and cage color

Ask color availability at your dealer center

black color
blue color
red color
NEW! gold color

For more customizing features, please, contact us.


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