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Sam Thier, owner

Our Mission

It's our goal to provide a safe, affordable, fun, and accessible training program to individuals interested in entering PPG.
My name is Sam Thier and I’m the Lead Instructor here at WISCONSIN FLIGHT SPORTS. I’ve been an enthusiast of all things aviation for as long as I can remember! I’ve been flying Paramotors for many years now and I can tell you there is no better feeling than flying like a bird in the sky. It’s indescribable! I was trained by Ryan Shaw in 2011 and apprenticed under Michael Holliday for my training certification through the USPPA. If you’ve ever dreamed about learning how to fly, I would be honored to be your instructor and help you achieve this goal! Seeing a student experience the thrill of their first solo flight gives me great joy. Powered Paragliding is the most affordable form of powered aviation that exists. We train in East Troy, Oconomowoc, Hartford, and around the whole greater Milwaukee area! Blue skies and happy flying!!!
Foot launch aircraft are not only a challenge physically, but also psychological. Each step of your training has been designed to build confidence with your ability to handle the aircraft as we give you the tools to allow you to progress along with your training safely. For more information in relation to foot launch aircraft considerations, refer to the foot launch conciderations information page
Our PPG course is structured over a minimum of 18 flying days and we train in a variety of weather conditions to give you the greatest exposure to what you may expect when you’re flying away from the training environment. This includes nil wind launching, light to moderate wind ground handling skills along with how to deal with wind gusts.
Our courses are limited to a maximum of 3 students to increase students one-on-one with the instructor to accelerate your learning. Basic English language skills are required to enroll on this course.
Roger Kiefer II, owner
I’m Roger Kiefer II, home grown right here in Wisconsin. I’ve always had dreams of being a pilot as a kid. After a 15 year stint in the corporate world, I’ve decided to pursue a path in aviation flying airplanes (CFI/CFII & Charter Pilot) and powered paragliders. I’ve been defying gravity for nearly 10 years now and PPG is by far one of my favorite forms of flying in general aviation. There is nothing like it in the world; the feeling of adventure, peacefulness, sensation of soaring through the air, and friendships are unmatched by anything else. This truly is something that I wish everyone could experience. I look forward to sharing my passion for this sport and to help create a larger presence of PPG pilots in the greater Milwaukee area.
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