Moster 185 FACTORY-R!

Love passion and energy of a competition? Do you like the strength that flows inside when you're in the race and you want to give it your everything, pushing yourself to the limits. Factory R is an evolved and changed engine, with a racing spirit, able to give you new excitement that you’ve never experienced before. It is more powerful than the previous version, with high precision and high-quality components. The weight / power ratio is exceptional: only 13,7 kgs of weight per 96 kgs of thrust with a 140 cms propeller, completely unique in its category. It is ideal for competitions, in particular the slalom, and is designed for experienced users, who want a high-performance engine. The luxury components fitted to this engine offer even more refined and elegant lines and shapes. A real competition machine that will amaze you from the very first flight.


Main technical parameters:

Cycle 2 strokes
184,7 cс

27 HP at 8.800 RPM
Carbon fibre airbox silencer
Diaphragm carburettor
Air cooled, flow extraction from propeller, cooling shroud included
Manual: 3S (Soft Starter System)
Tuned exhaust system, fully chromed
Silencer pipe in carbon fibre
Fuel consumption 3,3 litres/hour at 30 kgs of static thrust, prop. 140 cms at 5.250 RPM (2 blades)
Weight 13,7 kg
Static thrust 96 kgs prop. 140 cms at 8.800 RPM (2 blades)



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