SkyMax PULSAR + Moster-185 EFI

The NEW PULSAR paramotor with MOSTER EFI engine complements the existing SkyMax product line and weighs only 21 kg
• Designed specifically and exclusively for experienced pilots
• 35% lighter than the Star frame characteristics, which allows you to fully realize the tasks of your expedition.
• has improved aerodynamics
• Compact
• 100% titanium
• Assembly/disassembly of the frame takes only 8 minutes


Pulsar kit includes:

• Titanium frame Pulsar
• Vittorazi Moster EFI engine
• soft fuel tank 14 l
• Dudek Powerseat Light suspension (sizes L or M)
• 2-blade propeller E-props 1.4
• Vittorazi throttle
• cover for the Pulsar paramotor unit



Net weight: 3.5 kg (3.8 kg with fuel tank)

Frame diameter: 1420 mm

Materials: titanium

Net material: Dyneema

Horns: S-type

Extra: Torque compensation system
Pilot weight distribution (and bars width) adjustment system

Available frame colors: blue, orange, black

Available net colors: blue, yellow, red



Type: 2-stroke engine

Volume: 184,7 cc

Power: 26 hp at 8600 rpm

Weight: 16.9 kg

Maximum thrust: 92 kg with 140 cm propeller at 8500 rpm

The Pulsar soft fuel tank has the following characteristics:
volume 14 liters sufficient for 2 hour of flight plus some fuel reserve
made of two-layer plastic with increased resistance to fuel, strong and does not allow fuel vapor to escape high resistance to stretching, scratches and creases.
Does not have an outer cover, as it is installed in the lower pocket of the pendant
transparent - easy to see the current fuel level in the tank
The case for the Pulsar paramotor is made specifically for convenient transportation.
Dimensions and weight of disassembled paramotor in travel case up to 32 kg, what allow you to check it in as usual luggage on an airplane. has a reinforced hard bottom made of ABS plastic.
transport wheels shoulders straps for carrying the unit on your back
four handles on the top, bottom and side surfaces of the case for easy transportation
Inside there is a special cradle for reliable fixation of the engine
on the cover of the cover there are fastening rubber bands for fastening the beams and fencing sections safety straps to prevent the suitcase from opening in case of damage to the zipper during transportation on an airplane
volume 140 l
dimensions 880*570*400 mm

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Manufacturer: Vittorazi

Cycle : 2 srtrokes

Stroke: 54 mms

Displacement: 184,7 CC

Bore: ⌀ 66 mms

Power: 26 HP at 8.600 RPM

Static thrust: 92 kgs prop. 140 cms at 8.600 RPM (2 blades Vittorazi Approved Prop.)

Weight: 16,9 kgs

Cylinder: Single cylinder in aluminum; electroplated with hard coating Nikasil® technology

Piston: Casting piston, diamond profile, Molybdenum Disulphide (MOS2)
coating on the piston skirt, 2 rings chromed

Air intake: Reed valve intake, throttle body CNC diameter 22 mm machined from solid, magnetic valve position sensor, airbox intake

Cooling system: Air cooled, flow extraction from propeller, cooling shroud included

Starter: Electric starter only

Transmission: Poly V-belt system with centrifugal clutch

Ignition: Single Spark

Spark plug: NGK BR9ES

Max. CHT
(Cylinder Head Temperature): CHT 208 °C (type K thermocouple, see installation manual for further information)

Maximum RPM: 8.400-8.700 RPM

Engine idle:
2.000-2.200 RPM.

Static thrust: 92 kgs prop. 140 cms at 8.600 RPM (2 blades Vittorazi Approved Prop.)

Exhaust pipe: Tuned exhaust system, ceramic powder coating
Double joint system with bronze bushing, double rib reinforcement system,
"Db-killer" chamber and silencer pipe in carbon fibre

Propeller rotation: Counter-clockwise

Fuel: Unleaded gasoline with 1,5 % synthetic oil (MotuI800)

Fuel consumption: 2,5 litres/hour, at 30 kgs of static thrust, prop.140 cms at 5250 RPM (2 blades Vittorazi Approved Prop)

16,9 kgs

Accessories: Display, protective bracket, cable
CHT/EGT sensors
Fuel line filters
Starter motor and relay
Lithium battery, aluminum case
Battery charger


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Pilots can choose the following parameters for themselves:

  • It is possible to install the Moster 185 Plus electro/dual motor with an electric/manual+electric starter. Contact us to clarify the cost.

 Available in Dark Evolution color scheme

For more customizing features, please, contact us.


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